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    The impact is certainly negative, although it was already fully priced in in my view. Machinery from china The utilities will certainly sue the government and they have a reasonable chance of success. It is only traded in Germany. An other possible reason is that new land takes some time before it can be farmed. He has held the BSkyB position for a long time and I congratulate him for the positive outcome.

    May 13 09:44 AMfpozas,thanks for reading and comments1. I have been a long-term holder of Deutsche Post. The performance has (to be euphemistic) not been great, but they pay a good dividend. Their US operations with DHL have been a big hay cutter and costly failure. The Postbank sale to Deutsche Bank and the move away from their retail sales points have now made them much leaner than in the past. The parcel and freight market has strong competition, but I believe they can compete on the same level with FedEx and UPS (although not in the US). There has been insider buying of the stock lately. 2. I think RWE is very cheap. I hold the preferred shares which are even cheaper than the ordinary shares, but get the same dividend (no voting rights). I have no idea where share prices go in the short term, but I think around 40 EUR is a very cheap price and if you hold long-term you should do well. The market, in my view, is focusing too much on the nuclear issue in Germany and fails to see the other great assets that RWE holds (I’ll only mention the 50% stake in LNG specialist Excelerate Energy, the good position in Benelux after the Essent acquisition, or the RWE-DEA oil operations).3. The chemical business is cyclical, and currently BASF and others in the business are doing very well. The stock is at all-time highs and has gone up 3.5 times in just a little more than two years. The company has one of the best managements in the industry. I have great respect for Dr. Hambrecht and his team. I am currently agnostic as to where this goes in the short term. It’s very possible chemical stocks are pricing in too much optimism, but the cycle may well last much longer. Personally, I prefer to buy such cyclical stocks (chemicals, steel, transport etc) when things are bad and prices are low.

    May 13 02:24 AMhi mahaffeymj,Commerzbank has a lot of issues. The recapitalization is painful for long-term shareholders (thankfully I’m not one of them) but it is probably a good move. The stake of the German state will be reduced substantially and the bank will have a more sound balance sheet. Take a look again towards the end of the year when the rights issues are over.

    May 13 01:57 AMI’m in your camp regarding FRO. They must have a long-term master plan. Frontline was listed as “Frontline” only starting 2001.

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