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    Wrinkle reduction is the stated or implied purpose of almost all facial creams and elixirs. Wrinkles result from a variety of factors, and for best results in wrinkle reduction, all of these elements should be addressed. The major cause of wrinkles is decreasing elasticity of the skin due to aging. Loss of moisture and decreasing levels of collagen contribute to this loss of elasticity, as does exposure to sun and harsh weather. The muscles under the skin also lose tone, which results in sagging and lines, especially around the mouth and cheeks.

    Wrinkle Reduction Through Emollients

    Replacing the lost moisture is one of the first and most effective steps toward wrinkle reduction. Moisturizers may range from extremely expensive cosmetic products to a few drops of olive oil massaged into the skin after cleansing. Use whatever feels best for your skin, but do not use anything containing petroleum products, which clog pores.

    Massaging your face regularly with upward and outward motions helps the muscles under the skin to maintain their tone. Use a light cream, lotion or oil, or simply massage when you use your cleanser. Don’t try to massage your skin when it’s dry; without some lubrication, you will pull on your skin and oil press machine stretch it, which is exactly what you don’t want to do!

    More drastic methods of wrinkle reduction can be had at spas oil press machine and clinics. These include Botox injections, which paralyze the muscles which are habitually contracted, thus creating wrinkles, especially on the forehead. Collagen and fat injections can plump up lines around the mouth. Microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser resurfacing, by removing layers of the epidermis, make wrinkles appear shallower. These techniques are particularly effective for small lines around the eyes.

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